Repaste laptop gpu

Discussion can i request acer to repaste my cpu and gpu with a specific thermal. Yeah it might be best to try a repaste with icd. T enough for you, then looking into clu might be worthwhile. I have the same laptop and was getting in the 90s. I now get around the 80s playing overwatch. Here is what i recommend before you use thermal paste. Well, it was my first time doing a repaste and i was scared of taking it apart because the last 2 laptops i took apart ended up loosing wifi connection and both times the keyboard stopped working because of poxy ribbon cable connector snapping. But the fact that this thing was running at 70 degrees while gaming annoyed the.
Repaste your gpu thermal paste in 60 seconds. This guide will show you how to re. Apply thermal paste and repaste your gpu in order to. I have an asus rog gl. Vx laptop with a gtx. Recently i have been experiencing a very slow performance from my laptop. Js laptop was heating up a lot after 3 years of usage, so i disassembled, cleaned the fans, cpu, gpu and repasted both of them. After i reassembled, the screen won.