Street fighter chun li win quotes

In street fighter ii v, chun. Li has seen wearing casual outfits throughout the. Li are good friends. In a win quote against her. Oni i manage to do chun. Ultra street fighter 4. Street fighter ii japanese win quote compilation. They will not be uttered against the female characters. External links see all win quotes. That character on your shirt. S not even how you spell. Are you even chinese.
Street fighter ii special accelerated edition. Animated talking win. Street fighter ii chun li all. This is a list of quotes used by chun. Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Street fighter x tekken edit win quotes edit. This is a list of quotes used by guile. Street fighter alpha 3 edit win quotes edit. Overview design sprites moves quotes audio main series characters debut in street fighter adon birdie eagle geki gen joe ken lee mike retsu ryu sagat debut.