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Recent examples on the web. Repeating this with the unfolded sheet of paper will illustrate why parachutes work. Science buddies, scientific american. An unfolded aorta is a radiological finding which is commonly seen in older people. The chest radiograph shows slight lengthening of the thoracic aorta resulting in some tortuosity. It is not significant, but should not be confused with other sinister causes of mediastinal widening. Old man and during a recent x. Ray it was mentioned that there is an unfolded also monitor my blood sugar periodically. E nlarged heart and unfolding aorta. Went for medical check up and x. Ray revealed an enlarged heart and unfolding aorta. I am on bp treatment and bp ranges between.
Aorta definition, the main trunk of the arterial system, conveying blood from the left ventricle of the heart to all of the body except the lungs. Unfolded synonyms, unfolded pronunciation, unfolded translation, english dictionary definition of unfolded. The term unfolded aorta refers to the widened and. Appearance of the aortic arch on a frontal chest radiograph. It is one of the more common causes for apparent mediastinal widening and is seen with increasing age. With aging, the ascending portion of the thoracic aorta increases in length by approximately 12. Per decade, whereas the diameter increases by just 3. This elongation causes the ascending aorta to appear as a vertical shadow on the left heart border.