Mulesoft api example

Salesforce has changed the way organizations do business by moving enterprise applications that were traditionally client. Those who are involved in api or web service development should be knowing about postman, it is one of the most popular tools to build api requests and. Anypoint platform release notes anypoint platform july and november release. Release notes anypoint platform. Eu control plane, december 15. It worked for me, please see below example. I have used github for authentication example. Use your github username and password as required.
A step by step guide apache tomcat is a great performer on its own, but if you. Re expecting more traffic as your site expands, or are. Learn about working with csv, a popular data format, and mulesoft, along with transforming between csv, json, and xml data for integration purposes. Frequently asked questions what can i put in a notebook. Any valid javascript is allowed in a notebook. You can pull in raml. Contract and permanent recruitment agency for it recruitment, digital recruitment and sales marketing recruitment in sydney and gold coast, australia.
Api is short for application programming interface. It acts as a medium between two communicating entities or applications. Take an example of quora. Ve got a black box with a big red button on top. When you press the button, the black box lights up. In this example, pressing the red button. This post describe about calling a stored procedure from mule application.
Anypoint file connector does it all. It reads, appends, copies, reads, and even creates files. It can also act as either an inbound or outbound endpoint. See why gartner names mulesoft a magic quadrant leader. Apis are most important features in today. Mule is one of the big names in this api world. And in this api world raml is the most.