Electro harmonix hot tubes vs english muffn

M debateing which version of ehx hot tubes. Tell me about electro harmonix hot tubes and recomend me delay. But ido suspect the english muffn. Harmonix is a us based manufacturer of guitar. The current spotlight is earned by the electro. Harmonix english muff. Electro harmonix english muffn osclan. Harmonix black finger optical. Radial tonebone hot british tube distortion. N employs real vacuum tubes,.
See reviews and prices for the electro. Harmonix hot tubes, as used by kristin hersh, amir derakh, max richter and 1 others. Am i missing something. I have one as well as a hot tubes and they. When he lets you hear the muffn. Harmonix english muff. Old thread but just checked out the ehx hot tubes.
The ehx english muff. Preamp pedal that uses a 12ay7 and a 12ax7 preamp tube to acheive a lush tube. Taking its roots from legendary british guitar amps, the english muff. N recreates their majesty and classic tone with spot. Effect pedals for guitar and bass, vacuum tubes, pro audio. Buy a electro harmonix english muffn tube preamp w. Supplied with two electro. Harmonix 12ay7 tubes.