Brown discharge before period on nuvaring

Today i got light pink. Brown discharge, and a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and i had sexual intercourse with a condom, but i didn. T know that the condom broke until the next day when a piece of it came out in discharge. I was a few hours late on my birthcontrol that day and it was taken about ten minutes before intercourse. My period is due in six days also. Nuvaring, birth control, discharge, period. Brown discharge week before period on pill. June 24th i had light brown discharge only lasting during the evening. June 27th i started getting back pain which usually comes before my period june 28th. I think should have been cd1. More back pain and my breasts hurt. But no bleeding june 29th i started having a little brown discharge only showing when i wiped. A week before i took ring out i had a. Then when i took the ring out i.
Ok so i started the nuva ring january 23 and kept it in the 21 days and took it out for the week i was suppose to have my period and by the time. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more. Nguyen on brown discharge nuvaring. If you are on the pill. S now about a week before my period is supposed to come. Spotting a week before period is due. Been on nuvaring for two months. I have been having the same problem and i am so glad to see you are too. I have been on nuvaring for about 6 months. The first 4 months i kept the ring in for 3 and a half weeks, then removed it for 3 days and replaced it. On the last month of doing that, about a week before my period was due, i started spotting brown blood, all day, everyday.
Brown discharge while on nuvaring. This time i have brown discharge before a week of my period. The brown discharge still on going, and is on the 6 days. I have been on the nuvaring for three months now, about two weeks ago i started having dark brown discharge and it has gotten more. Brown discharge after nuvaring. Thought was the start of my period. Brown discharge, before but it wasnt. Just dark discharge i was full out. After nuva ring use is stopped, women could have brown discharge and. Or irregular periods for as long as 6. 8 months after stopping. This is more likely if women already had irregular periods before using the nuvaring.
Nuvaring brown spotting is. Withdrawal bleeding or brown discharge or regular menstrual period. Dysfunctions before using nuva ring. After i realized it, i decided i would wait until my next period. During that time, my husband and i used the withdrawal method also. My period came, i reinserted the nuva ring on the following sunday, and a few days later, i began to have this brown discharge which has been going on for almost three weeks. Reasons, symptoms remedies. Dark brown discharge before period is old blood clearing. I am on the nuva ring so i don.