Arecaceae family characteristics ppt

Palm family trees or shrubs, trees unbranched leaves palmate, pinnate, or simple, petiole sheathing at base, often in a terminal cluster. View and download powerpoint presentations on araceae family ppt. Find powerpoint presentations and slides. The family arecaceae is a large group comprising approximately 2, arboreal species to be found throughout equatorial, tropical, and. Palms are without doubt one of the most important plant families from a human perspective. Within the arecaceae. Characteristics are of.
Identify plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees of the palm family. With these wildflower identification tools and a photo gallery with plants. Characters, distribution and types. The family arecaceae is. Share your knowledge share your word file share your pdf file share your ppt. The arecaceae have one of the longest and most extensive fossil records of any family of the monocots, extending some 80 million years ago to the late cretaceous period. The arecaceae are structurally very diverse and one of the most distinctive groups in the monocots. Characteristics of family life.
See list of arecaceae genera for a complete listing of genera. Arecaceae is the first modern family of monocots that is clearly represented in the fossil record. Palms first appear in the fossil record around 80 million years ago, during the late cretaceous period. Asteraceae, the aster, daisy, or composite family of the flowering. Plant order asterales. With more than 1, genera and 23, species of. The papaveraceae differ from the rest of the ranunculales in some important characteristics but they share others such as the presence of isoquinoline. Based on molecular and morphological data, the family forms a clade with the families lardizabalaceae, circaeasteraceae, menispermaceae, berberidaceae and ranunculaceae. The arecaceae, also known as the palmae family, is comprised of about. Genera and 2, species.