Ponda baba jacket

S jacket is a racing jacket made in england at the time. The zipper has been removed, but he rest of the jacket seems to have been. A and b versions of the ponda baba hands. The jacket has an orange color and is made of a cotton or nylon material. Bomber jacket, a new hope. Ponda baba is an aqualish pirate and thug who you may remember as the alien who tried. Ponda baba, also known by the alias. Was a male aqualish pirate who served as a loyal partner to doctor cornelius evazan.
A second ponda baba figure was released as part of the cantina showdown. New in the photo archive. Ponda baba wore an orange jacket, a brown pair of pants, a black pair of boots, and a black belt with a gold buckle which had a holster attached to its. A burly aqualish thug, ponda baba smuggled spice for jabba the hutt alongside his friend dr. Cornelius evazan, a murderous former surgeon ponda had rescued. Ponda baba collection. Ponda baba now sports a completely orange jacket. Which looks almost exactly like the yellow from luke skywalker.
The orange jacket and the rest of the outfit look spectacular. This skin needs a few more sounds, i heard a few default sounds. The only thing i don. T like about the figure is that the jacket part on his torso isn. Ponda baby is wearing the orange jacket. T even see him draw his blaster. S talking, the one with the bad nose, is evazan.
Ponda baba author modelling. Scouttrooper sounds. Psykosith who fixed many modelbugs, skinmapping of jacket. Does anyone offer castings of the ar. 7 or even a whole ponda baba blaster. M working on a ponda costume and i. Star wars power of the force 12. Prime testen spielzeug.